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Engine Mounts

Engine Mounts

Distributed by AutoShack

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Maximum life and performance
  • Material is manufactured to specific vehicle’s application requirements
  • Hardened steel fasteners
  • Superior bonding to ensure a solid rubber-to-metal bond
  • Another premium quality product by AutoShack

Engine Mounts

AutoShack engine mounts are an optimal replacement part for your vehicle. Experience great quality, performance, fit and form with our abrasion resistant mounts. Our Engine Mounts are built to last with full-line coverage, harden steel fasteners and superior bonding to provide minimum vibration and noise. AutoShack engine mounts your best choice for complete engine support.

What Does an Engine Mount Do?

Your engine mount has two main purposes. It secures the engine and transmission to the frame of your car, and it absorbs the road bumps and engine vibrations so that the vehicle driver does not feel any engine movement.

Symptoms of a Failing Engine Mount

Some common symptoms of a failing engine mount include impact noises coming from the engine bay and excessive vibrations.

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