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Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors

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  • AutoShack Brake Rotors are manufactured to meet or exceed expectations for performance and fit
  • Designed to obtain peak performance under all braking conditions
  • Precise tolerances offer maximum performance, increased comfort, and extended longevity of all brake system components
  • Machined surface to ensure synergy between the brake pad and brake rotor during the break-in period
  • Venting design (when applicable) increases overall brake rotor cooling and provides additional protection against thermal cracking

Brake Rotors

Rotors should always be replaced in pairs (front or rear). Replacing a single rotor leads to uneven pad wear, steering pull, and ultimately, costly damage.

What Do Brake Rotors Do?

Rotors are an important part of the braking system that stops your vehicle. Brake rotors or brake discs are what your vehicle’s brake pads clamp down on to stop your wheels from spinning.

How Do I Know When My Rotors Need To Be Replaced?

One of the first signs commonly associated with worn brake rotors is noise. If your rotors are warped, not flat or severely worn, they may start to produce squealing or squeaking sounds. Warped rotors will produce a squeak, while severely worn rotors will make a scraping sound.

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